The Cosmic Dead – Infinite Peaks (2024)

The Cosmic Dead - Infinite Peaks (2024)
Artist: The Cosmic Dead
Album: Infinite Peaks
Genre: Psychedelic Rock / Space Rock
Label: Heavy Psych Sounds
Year Of Release: 2024
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

1. Navigator #9 Part I: Megalith (8:12)
2. Navigator #9 Part II: Rumination (5:03)
3. Navigator #9 Part III: Infinite Peaks (10:05)
4. Space Mountain Part I: Desert Djilo (6:11)
5. Space Mountain Part II: High Country (9:21)
6. Space Mountain Part III: Last Ride Out (4:30)


– Omar Aborida / bass, guitars
– Tommy Duffin / drums
– Calum Calderwood / violin
– Luigi Pasquini / synthesizers

For all that can be pulled off in the vast, seemingly endless stretches of psychedelic rock, it cannot be argued that there isn’t still much glory to uncover should we continue to get acts that love breaking new ground, exploring new dimensions, and showing us just how far the sound can still be taken. I have always been partial to the instrumental scene of psych rock with there always being new names for me to discover, but there are still longstanding bastions of excellence that I have not made my way around to for one reason or another. I’ve long been aware of The Cosmic Dead, but it wasn’t until losing myself within the utter majesty of “Infinite Peaks” that I come to realize the sheer foolishness of not investigating them sooner.

When you take away a guiding voice and open up the gates of imagination, it can easily become the case that damn near anything is possible. No style is able to bring that concept to life better than instrumental psychedelic rock for all the doorways that it can take listeners through, and it’s with their ninth album that The Cosmic Dead did not need to prove anything with their reputation easily preceding them. For the two tracks of “Infinite Peaks”, however, it demands to be said that The Cosmic Dead taps into some of the best that this particular vein of capable of virtually without even breaking a sweat. Across a wild runtime of over forty minutes between the pair of songs, it cannot be said that The Cosmic Dead did not shoot for well past the stars with this effort. So much of what has always made this corner of altered reality such a magnificent treat in the first place is on full display throughout the whole of the performance without a single ball being dropped nor any one target missed. Where the boundaries of reality and sense fall, “Infinite Peaks” rises far beyond what our meager minds are able to comprehend. Whether it be through the densest of fogs of atmosphere or tripped-out riffs that are as expansive as they are intoxicating, The Cosmic Dead shows off constant and consistent mastery over the sound that is a true sight to behold and almost tear-inducing to gaze upon in its full glory.

It’s already been the case in 2024 that we’ve seen a true ensemble of psychedelic acts come out of the woodwork to show us just how much splendor is still be had in the vast reaches of all that it covers, and The Cosmic Dead are only perpetuating that offensive into untouched dimension with this positively monolithic piece. Massive and ambitious with all the talent and passion to more than seal the deal time after time, “Infinite Peaks” is peak escapism in the most pristine form of psychedelic rock that the ears can take in.
~ headbangerreviews

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