RPWL – True Live Crime (2024)

RPWL - True Live Crime (2024)
Artist: RPWL
Album: True Live Crime
Genre: Neo-Prog
Label: Gentle Art of Music
Year Of Release: 2024
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

1. Victim of Desire (9:14)
2. Red Rose (6:03)
3. A Cold Spring Day in ’22 (6:26)
4. Life in a Cage (6:51)
5. King of the World (13:16)
6. Another Life Beyond Control (8:18)
7. A New World (9:54)
8. Silenced (9:36)
9. Unchain the Earth (7:18)
10. Hole in the Sky: Pt. 1: Fly (6:54)
11. The Shadow (6:25)
12. Roses (7:34)


– Yogi Lang / vocals, keyboards
– Kalle Wallner / guitars
– Markus Grützner / bass
– Marc Turiaux / drums

The Poppodium Boerderij in Zoetermeer is a smaller venue in Zuid-Holland that hosts great artists. I had the opportunity to attend several shows there and it is an enthusiastic crew with a passion for great music that makes this venue so special. In this context, it’s no surprise that a number of live albums have been recorded there, and the same goes for RPWL‘s latest release.

‘Crime Scene’ is the latest studio album of the Bavarian prog institution and deals with the abyss of the human soul. Morbidity and evil, these are the themes the band tackles with some great songs that deserve to be played live. One of the moments when fans could enjoy such an experience was on October 23, 2024 in Zoetermeer. The band played in front of enthusiastic and competent fans.

The first six songs of the evening were all from the latest studio album. RPWL played the album in its entirety and it is great to listen to these tracks. The way the band wraps these sometimes tragic topics into harmonic songs makes the lyrics even stronger.

After going through the ‘Crime Scene’ album, the band added a kind of ‘best of’, which even includes a song from the debut, which is ‘Hole in the Sky’.

Since the latest studio album is the core of this live album, even people who own e.g. ‘Live from Outer Space’ will find enough new material to justify the purchase of ‘True Live Crimes’. The German art rockers used the possibilities offered by the Boerderij, which includes a perfect sound, to play stellar songs and now all RPWL fans can enjoy the moment.
~ markusheavymusicblog

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