The Animated Egg – The Animated Egg (1968/2004)

The Animated Egg - The Animated Egg (1968/2004)
Artist: The Animated Egg
Album: The Animated Egg
Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Label: Walhalla
Year Of Release: 1968/2004
Quality: FLAC (tracks+.cue)

1. A Love Built On Sand
2. Inside Looking Out
3. I Said, She Said, Ah Cid
4. “T”morrow
5. Sure Listic
6. Sippin’ And Trippin’
7. Dark
8. Down, Down And Gone
9. Sock It My Way
10. That’s How It Is


The mysterious Animated Egg’s self-titled album consists entirely of psychedelic instrumentals, often featuring somewhat freaky fuzzy guitar, but usually grounded by rather generic swingin’ Sunset Strip mid- to late-’60s Los Angeles rock rhythm tracks. Jerry Cole’s lead guitar does have admirable smoky sustain, but the songs — all Cole’s as well — sound more like hastily written, basic riffs around which to hang the psychedelic dressing than distinctive melodies or arrangements meant to express artistic aspirations. In fact, “‘T’ Tomorrow” is quite derivative of the Spencer Davis Group classic “Gimme Some Lovin’,” and though song titles like “I Said, She Said, Ah Cid” and “Sippin’ and Trippin'” are none too subtly suggestive of the psychedelic experience, the whole thing sounds like a soundtrack to a psychsploitation B-movie that was never made. Cole does sneak in slyly faithful replication of Roger McGuinn’s 12-string electric guitar work with the Byrds on “Sippin’ and Trippin’,” and “Dark” could have almost as well fit onto one of Cole’s earlier hot rod or surf recordings as a psychedelic one. With its wild eerie reverb, “Sock It My Way” is easily the most explosive track, while “That’s How It Is” ends the LP with an detour into Latin-soul-rock boogaloo. All of the tracks are on the Animated Egg CD compilation Guitar Freakout, which also has 11 cuts from other late-’60s instrumental psychsploitation LPs in which Cole was involved by the Generation Gap, T. Swift & the Electric Bag, the Projection Company, and the Stone Canyon Rock Group.
Review by Richie Unterberger

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