Roz Vitalis – Quia Nesciunt Quid Faciunt (2023)

Roz Vitalis - Quia Nesciunt Quid Faciunt (2023)
Artist: Roz Vitalis
Album: Quia Nesciunt Quid Faciunt
Genre: RIO / Avant-Prog
Label: Lizard Records
Year Of Release: 2023
Quality: FLAC (tracks+.cue)

1. Bait of Success (5:55)
2. Daybreaking (6:29)
3. Fountain (1:28)
4. Se Camminiamo Nella Luce (LP version) (5:49)
5. Premonition (9:07)
6. Walking (5:19)
7. Wides (6:24)
8. The Man Whose Wings Were Cut Off (LP version) (7:48)
9. Beautifulness (LP version) (4:06)
10. Nocturne (1:23)


– Ruslan Kirillov / bass (except 8,9)
– Vladislav Korotkikh / low whistle (2,4), flutes
– Ivan Rozmainsky / harpsichord, grand piano (4), synths except (3,10), metallophone (6), conception
– Vladimir Semenov-Tyan-Shansky / acoustic & electric guitars
– Evgeny Trefilov / drums, synth piano (3,10), other keyboards, mixing, mastering, production

– Alexey Gorshkov / trumpets
– Serghei Liubcenco / guitars (8,9), rubab (8), doira (8)
– Igor Luniov / ukulele (8), (9), slide guitar (9)
– Max Lokosov / bass (8,9)
– Leonid Perevalov / clarinet (8), bass clarinet (9)

It’s difficult to write reviews of instrumental prog rock albums, especially if it’s music of the highest quality, and it’s very difficult to find fault with it. As is the case with the new album by Roz Vitalis, which was released recently. All the best stylistic features are still preserved in music, as well as the direction chosen in the early 2010s; the avant- garde is becoming even less, which in my opinion is good for the band (this is a purely subjective factor in the perception of their work). The guitar again conveys the magical feeling of prog rock of the 70s, like Pink Floyd and Gentle Giant – special thanks to the guitarist of the band for this. The other instruments are also “not far behind”, especially the wind instruments. I don’t know about some listeners, but “stability” is that rare case when the band confidently moves in its wake, because for the complex music that Roz Vitalis creates, unnecessary jumps into experiments are hardly necessary, because difficult transitions and an unusual formulation of the concept, as well as melodism, are already embedded in the music itself. On the new album, the “muscular” tightly packed rhythm section is also very pleasing, sometimes referring the listener to the early Uriah Heep or Phil Collins, in his best days at Genesis. In addition, with atmospheric keyboards, the music sounds simply unreal, while the sound itself is very modern and meets the highest standards of what is called “Neo- progressive”. This album is an indicator not only of the highest skill, but also of the extraordinary organizational talents of the leader and chief conductor of the group, Ivan Rozmainsky, who makes the listener literally feel the emotion of each instrument without merging into an incomprehensible mess. Probably “Quia Nesciunt Quid Faciunt” is the most “rock” album from the entire creative heritage of the band, and I want to believe that their music will really make listeners think about what is in the very name of the release. To think about a conscious perception of creativity, beauty and fragility of the surrounding world.
~ Devolvator, progarchives

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