Nexus – Insania (2023)

Nexus - Insania (2023)
Artist: Nexus
Album: Insania
Genre: Symphonic Prog
Label: Record Runner, Fonocal
Year Of Release: 2023
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

1. Descenso a las Tinieblas (2:13)
2. Insania (4:40)
3. Resurgiras (5:57)
4. La Oscuridad (4:54)
5. La sentencia (5:27)
6. Fuera del Tiempo (3:48)
7. La Nueva Alianza (4:32)
8. Iluminación (4:37)


– Lalo Huber / keyboards
– Carlos Lucena / guitars
– Luis Nakamura / drums
– Roxy Truccolo / bass, vocals

Insania’s latest offering is a symphonic progressive rock journey, where the intricate balance between keyboards and guitars creates a rich, harmonious tapestry. The addition of a new bassist and vocalist infuses the music with a unique gothic tinge, enhancing the band’s signature sound. The album skillfully intertwines vintage and modern sounds, with highlights including masterful acoustic piano interludes. It flows effortlessly, with the second half particularly appealing to melody lovers. Overall, this 36-minute experience is a must-listen for symphonic prog fans, blending complexity with captivating melodies.

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