Fish On Friday – 8mm (2023)

Fish On Friday - 8mm (2023)
Artist: Fish On Friday
Album: 8mm
Genre: Crossover Prog
Label: Cherry Red Records/Esoteric Antenna
Year Of Release: 2023
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

1. 8mm (4:43)
2. Collateral Damage (4:19)
3. Overture to Flame (1:45)
4. Flame (7:46)
5. Jump This Wall (5:54)
6. Don’t Lose Your Spirit (5:43)
7. Funerals (7:39)
8. Silently Raging (4:11)
9. Instillers (5:19)
10. A New Home (4:25)
11. Like Is Like the Weather (2:31)


– Nick Beggs / bass, Chapman Stick, backing vocals, producer
– Frank Van Bogaert / vocals, keyboards, guitars, producer
– Marcus Weymaere / drums & percussion
– Marty Townsend / guitars

– Lulu Beggs / vocals
– Sofi Dykmans / vocal

Fish On Friday’s latest album, 8mm, radiates with a unique blend of art pop and progressive rock, effortlessly walking the fine line between the two. Their distinctive sound is marked by luscious vocal harmonies and profound, nostalgic lyrics. The title track, with its nod to old 8mm home movies, encapsulates this sentiment perfectly.

In their sixth album, following the elegant Black Rain, the band assembles a stellar lineup. Nick Beggs, known for his work with Mute Gods, Steven Wilson, Lifesigns, and Steve Hackett, lends his bass skills and vocals. Frank van Bogaert shines on keyboards and vocals, while Marty Townsend adds his magic on guitars, and Marcus Weymaere keeps the rhythm alive on drums. Three years of dedicated work culminate in 8mm, a project where Nick Beggs takes on the co-producer role alongside Frank Van Bogaert.

by Margarita Gabaldon

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