Deluge Grander – Lunarians (2020)

Deluge Grander - Lunarians (2020)
Artist: Deluge Grander
Album: Lunarians
Genre: Progressive Rock, Symphonic Prog
Label: Emkog Records
Year Of Release: 2020
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

1. Terrestrial Debridement (8:55)
2. The Rabbit and the Buffalo (13:53)
3. Sepharial Academy (6:51)
4. Provisional Derangement (6:44)
5. Torn Amoonder (2:41)
6. Lunocand of Ruia (6:15)


– Dan Britton / keyboards, guitars, vocals
– Brett D’Anon / basses, guitars
– Patrick Gaffney / drums

– Denis Malloy / bass clarinet
– Natalie Spehar / cello
– Brian Falkowski / clarinet, flute
– Steve Churchill / oboe
– Corey Sansolo / trombone
– Neil Brown / trumpet
– Zack Stachowski / violin
– Aaron Gage / vocals

“The presence and prominence of instruments such as bass clarinet, cello, clarinet, flute, oboe, trombone, trumpet, and violin might push some of the music on Lunarians towards “classical” music, but probably not far enough for it to no longer be rounded off to “prog.” The lyrics are about various moon-related issues, including lunacy.

Some of the musical ideas on this album are also on the album Oceanarium (2017), which also contained some ideas from the album Heliotians (2014), most copies of which, like Lunarians, had hand-painted artwork and hand-written lyrics (“HeliOTIANs” plus “LunARIANs” almost equals “OCEANARIUM.”) However, most ideas that are on two of these albums appear in drastically different arrangements that most listeners probably won’t recognize.” -Dan Britton

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