Daymoon – Cruz Quebrada (2016)

Daymoon - Cruz Quebrada (2016)
Artist: Daymoon
Album: Cruz Quebrada
Genre: Crossover Prog
Label: Progressive Promotion Records
Year Of Release: 2016
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

1. Cruz Quebrada (2:28)
2. Fish Dissected (5:45)
3. Where It Hurts Most (3:38)
4. Shipwreck (8:26)
5. Whalebone (8:07)
6. Over the Cliff (1:36)
7. Thyme (15:24)
8. The River (25:36) :
– The Mummy (1:04)
– The Single-Most Expensive Kiss in History (3:59)
– Headlong (2:09)
– I Abraham (4:33)
– Ghost (1:49)
– Severance & Down Falls (4:53)
– Indian White (5:02)
– Onward (2:05)


– Bruno Evangelista / vocals
– Fred Lessing / vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, bass, flute, baroque recorder, keyboards, percussion, angklung, African xylophone, blues harp, field recordings
– Adriano Pereira / clarinet
– André Marques / acoustic & electronic drums & percussion, keyboards, vocals, electric & acoustic basses, field recordings

– Rita Simões / vocals
– Thomas Olsson / electric guitar
– Paulo Chagas / winds
– Luca Calabrese / trumpet
– Nuno Flores / viola, violin
– Trevor Lever / spoken word
– Simon Harris / spoken word

Portuguese project DAYMOON is the creative vehicle of composer and musician Fred Lessing. He has been creating material for well over a quarter of a century, but didn’t choose to start releasing any of it until 2011. “Cruz Quebrada” is the third studio album to be issued under the Daymoon moniker, and was released through the German label Progressive Promotion Records in the spring of 2016.

Daymoon’s third studio album “Cruz Quebrada” comes across as an emotionally laden production, at times harrowingly so, to the extent that the raw undercurrents of emotion manages to overcome slightly weaker aspects in terms of structure and cohesion, mix and production as well as the lead vocals. Those who tend to enjoy bands that explore similar territories to what Pink Floyd did in the mid to late 70’s appear as a key audience for this album, and then especially those who enjoy folk music details, a select few pastoral sequences and occasional chaotic, dramatic instrument effects, used to expand these boundaries.
Review by Windhawk

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